Sunday, March 4, 2012

Can You Tell Me How I Got Back To Sesame Street?

Later this month, my husband & I will celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary. Last year we had a great time celebrating! We went to the movies one night and to the Tiki Bar for dinner another night. Our boys were old enough to stay home alone while my husband & I went out and enjoyed each other's company. We were kind of giddy with our freedom and looking forward to the future when the boys would be in college and it would just be us again. I had a year of graduate school under my belt and was excited about a future career working with kids with special needs. It was just an all-around fun week of celebrating our marriage.

Fast forward to Palm Sunday...and a positive pregnancy test!! How did that happen? Oh yeah, our anniversary week. Apparently, we over celebrated!

Ready or not, our baby was on his way, and once again we'd be entrenched in dirty diapers, middle of the night feedings, teething, crying, all that baby equipment they tell you that you MUST have, Sesame Street, Santa Claus, trick-or-treating, the first day of kindergarten, t-ball, birthday parties, and just plain exhaustion! Oh, and no freedom until we're 65!

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