Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Mother is Laughing at Me!

When I was a little girl playing with my baby dolls, I had wild notions of parenthood. Just like Carol and Mike Brady, I would have six kids, 3 boys and 3 girls of course, and I would have them all before I turned 30! After all, 30 was ancient to me and it was all down hill after that age. (I also imagined a honeymoon as being when a newlywed couple had a picnic on a hill in the moonlight...okay, don't ask me where I got that idea because I haven't a clue!)

ANYWAY, I was the youngest of 5 kids. When I was born, my oldest sister was 12, my brother would have been 11 if he had lived, my twin sisters were 9, and my parents were 36. 36!! That was OLD according to me!!

As I was growing up, my parents were usually older than my friends' parents. I always chided my mom by saying, "What woman in her right mind would have a baby when she's 36?!"


I guess....

I would!

I didn't begin having kids until I was 30...so much for the 6 kids before that ripe old age! My second son was born when I was 32. And my third son came along shortly after my 47th birthday! Thankfully, I didn't have twins. They run in my family; women are more apt to have twins when they get pregnant later in life; and I should mention that my mom wished twins on me when I was a teenager.

Even though the twin thing didn't happen, my mom is definitely having the last laugh!

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